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New Rochelle, The Queen City of the Sound

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New Rochelle is a city in New York named after La Rochelle, France because most of the settlers who came here hailed from this city. It is nicknamed as the “Queen City of the Sound” because this was the title of the poem made by James J. Montague in 1926. Montague was a resident in New Rochelle and was so captured by her beauty that he wrote the poem in her honor. The nickname was soon used by the residents to describe New Rochelle and the sound here meant the Long Island Sound.

New Rochelle, A Place for Having Fun

There is an impressive collection of nature preserves and parklands all across New Rochelle. Many of these parklands are set on islands. One of the most popular of these is Glen Island comprised of 5 islands bought, developed, and opened to the public by John H. Starin in 1879. This area became known as the first theme park ever opened to the public, offering a natural history museum, private bathing beaches, a Chinese pagoda, a German beer garden, and a zoo. Other parks in New Rochelle include the Five Islands Park, Davids’ Island, Hudson Park, Ward Acres, Twin Lakes Park, Sheldrake Lake, and the 2-mile The Leatherstocking Trail.

Other Places of Interest in New Rochelle

There is a very long list of attractions and places of interest that travelers can find in New Rochelle. Some examples are Huckleberry Island which is an important nesting site for waterbirds, Execution Rocks Lighthouse, the Trinity-St. Paul's Episcopal Church, St. John's Wilmot Church, and Columbia Island. Travelers to New Rochelle can also enjoy visiting Leland Castle, an authentic 19th century Gothic Revival castle now being used as an art gallery open to the public. Tourists can also explore the Thomas Paine Historical Site with its many historic structures such as Paine's Cottage, Brewster Schoolhouse, and the Thomas Paine Memorial Building.

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