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Stateline – Where Resort Casinos Abound

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Stateline is a beautiful city located on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. However, it isn’t just the beauty of the city and of the lake that lures tourists to this place, but its large collection of casinos and resorts. To be exact, there are six open casinos in Stateline, four of which qualify as resorts namely MontBlue, Horizon, Harvey’s Lake Tahoe, Harrah’s Lake, the Lakeside Inn and Bill’s.

Stateline is home to a modest number of population, the number of people in Stateline swells during busy winter and summer months due to the high number of accommodations available.

Gambling Galore

Not only are tourists accommodated in the casinos in Stateline. Many of the hotels organize buses to take residents from South Lake Tahoe, a neighboring town, to Stateline for the casinos. Different types of casinos abound in Stateline. The resort casinos number to four and are quite on the same road as giving people that Vegas experience. There is also a casino that caters to modest and local gamblers. No matter what kind of gambling tourists are after, they are sure to find one in Stateline.

Visit Kingsbury Grade

No, Kingsbury Grade is not a place but a highway. This highway, however, is quite famous because it runs up and over a mountain pass to Gardnerville on the other side of the mountain. Most of Stateline’s accommodations, services, and even residential accommodations can be found along or near Kingsbury Grade. In peak seasons and during winter, traffic can be difficult. When travelers hit Kingsbury Grade, then they can be assured that they have arrived in Stateline.

More Things to Do in Stateline

There are also activities in Stateline for those looking for outdoor adventures. Stateline is near Lake Tahoe where travelers can be treated to several water sport activities. Stateline also has neighboring mountains where outdoor activities abound from trailing, biking, and a lot more

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