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Taste the Good Life in Alexandria

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George Washington loved walking on its streets and for this reason alone, Alexandria is a place that every tourist must visit. Situated on the Potomac River, Alexandria is an independent city in the state of Virginia. It is the center of commerce and trade, as well as of transportation in the area. There are over 300 national trade operations headquartered in this independent city, proving that it is a major commercial hub in the state.

A City for Presidents and Generals

Alexandria is most famous for its historic district called “Old Town,” where George Washington spent most of his town while based in Alexandria. Tourists must not miss visiting the Christ Church, where the first U.S. President worshipped and Gadsby’s Tavern, where George Washington frequently downed some ‘spirits’. Another historically interesting location is the childhood home of General Robert E. Lee, the commanding general of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. Washington’s home sits on the estate called Mount Vernon, located in the southern part of Alexandria.

Rich Alexandrian History

Visiting Alexandria would give tourists the privilege to look at American history so closely with the many historical sites available in the city. The Alexandria Black History Resource Center, for example, is a Black Heritage Site that showcases the art, religion and life of the African-American people in Virginia. Meanwhile, for inquisitive minds interested in pharmacology, the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum features how ailments were handled way back in the 1700's. The museum houses 8000 apothecary items and looks the very way as it was furnished in the 18th Century.

Feast in Alexandria’s Spring and Summer Festivals!

Another Alexandrian experience that tourists must never miss are the festivals that occur in the summer and in the spring. The National Treasure Tour, Mount Vernon’s Gardening Days, and the Spring Wine Festival and Sunset Tour, are just three of the festivals that would certainly delight visitors.

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Guest Contributions

May 18, 2011

As historical as it gets!

When people talk about Alexandria, it used to be that the first thing that came to my mind was that place in Egypt. Of course, how could I forget about the United States’ own Alexandria! After all, this is the place where George Washington used to stay at. Alexandria is also known as “Old Town.” If you ever find yourself in Alexandria, I suggest you check out the Gadsby’s Tavern. This is where George Washington supposedly hung out to probably drink and unwind. Then there is also the house or home of General Robert E. Lee. Yet another big wig in Alexandria especially due to his participation during the Civil War.

Oh, and you must check out the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum… it makes you think of how many ailments somebody could possibly get. Now for the fun part, it has got to be the festivals during Spring and Summer. Take my advice, visit during these times so you can really have fun, fun, fun!

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