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Tips on How to Dress When Traveling to Singapore

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Singapore is an island-republic worth exploring because of its vibrant Asian culture fused with western influences. There are several attractions in Singapore that you simply must see.

In packing your bags for your Singapore trip, do keep in mind that it’s hot and humid there, so it’s best to remember these tips on how to dress when travelling for Singapore:

  • Keep summer fashion in mind. Breezy dresses and loose, comfortable clothing made of cotton are the best items to take with you. The city’s humidity could be pretty nasty, and it would do you good to let your skin breathe with this type of wear.
  • It’s best to bring a good number of shorts and t-shirts so you won’t find the temperature stifling when you do your city exploration.
  • Do bring a cardigan or a shoulder wrap for instances when you’d need to spend time in your hotel and other air-conditioned buildings. It could get quite cold with the air con turned up. Speaking of hotels check out the Grand Copthorne and the Singapore Marriott, they're amongst the nicest in the city-state.
  • Pack more casual clothes than formal ones, as Singapore is a laid-back city where even the most prestigious businessman could simply be in short-sleeved shirt while at work.
  • Do include corporate dresses or suits in your luggage, as some establishments or companies require proper business attire while you’re within their premises.

Bringing the wrong set of clothes could seriously spoil your Singapore vacation. Aside from being uncomfortable, you’d be forced to spend some money on the right clothing.

With these tips in mind, you’d never go wrong in dressing up for your Singapore adventure!

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